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What is staff appraisal at the University of Vienna?

The staff appraisal is a periodical advisory and support discussion between staff members and management, which also reaches agreements about objectives and the achievement of targets, which are then incorporated in target agreements. The staff appraisal provides the opportunity, in a systematic and structured way outside of every-day working routine, to discuss matters that support and advance target-oriented cooperation.

The features of the staff appraisal are:

  • Preparation
  • Structured discussion
  • Documentation
  • Agreement of targets
  • Confidentiality
  • Regularity

Work agreement - target agreement - annual staff appraisal

Work agreement

In accord with the work agreement that have been concluded between the Ministry for Science and research (bmwf) and the University of Vienna, represented by the Rector, the Rectorate engages in target-agreement discussions with the respective heads of the organisational units /faculties, centres, service establishments, staff positions, special institutions) on the basis of which binding agreements are concluded.

Target agreement

The management of the organisational units (deacons, centre managers, managers of service institutions) are obliged to inform their organisational and sub-units of the target agreements. It is also the responsibility of these organs of management to structure these agreements and put them in concrete terms for the respective sub-units.

It is also a question of "breaking down" the target agreement of the organisational unit level to the level of the sub-unit or the level of the individual members of staff.

The conclusion of target agreements between groups of associate professors (Habilitierte) and professors and the head of the organisational units to be facilitated according to statute (target agreement § 4 para. 1). 

Annual staff appraisal

The annual staff appraisal is conducted in confidence between the member of staff and the member of the executive and is concluded consensually.

Both the annual staff appraisal and the following target agreement is to be minuted. The first of these is confidental. The annual staff appraisal and the target agreement may if necessary (e.g. large faculties, need for agreement for resource planning, expressed desire) be conducted at two different times. The annual staff appraisal corresponds to the staff consultation according to federal (and/or constitutional) law. With the entry into force of the collective agreement, the term "annual staff appraisal" will be replaced by "staff consultation".



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